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Sisters Lisa and Tami Wilder, as many might say, “grew up on the side of a stage” with music running through their blood just as loudly as the sound through their ears. Daughters of Keith Wilder and neices of Johnnie Wilder, the lead singers of the legendary 70’s funk band Heatwave (Always and Forever, Boogie Nights and more…).


The Wilder sisters seemed to follow a pre-destined path, with parallels of their father and uncle leading the legendary group into stardom. But, Twisted Royalty has a sound all of its own! British born and raised, these women have developed a writing style and musical blend, backed by their uniquely talented band, which stands out among the sea of bands circling the industry.


Always having an organic passion for writing, Lisa and Tami make up an equally powerful writing team. A magical union of intricate vocal harmonies, melodic leads, funk, pop, acoustic soul and throw in a few jazz elements, just for good measure – and you have Twisted Royalty! Twisted Royalty was birthed from the Wilder sister’s journey finding their musical path. More than 10 years ago the sisters sang as part of an all-girl group and over time developed their musical style and dream into a duo with a band, ironically and organically falling into the same format that made their father and uncle famous. Now residing in Atlanta, GA, The sisters have had a chance to perform all over the US, opening for Heatwave and other popular acts and even spent some time overseas, perfecting their craft and getting even more musical influence at home in the UK.


The electric and biological connection between the girls unearths a soulfully unified sound between the two of them, while they each, individually, hold unique and equally beautiful vocal abilities – each different from the other. When performing their original material you can’t help but be captivated by the unique sound and creative journey that your ears are taken on, you will likely find your bum out the seat too! This is Twisted Royalty; Two talented sisters and their move-making band; taking their audience on a ride through musical twists and turns and rhythmic adventures all the while serenading your ears like a lullaby. Yup, all of that. And you’ll love it too.




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